When Moving Do No Pack These Items

When in doubt, Leave it out

Im often asked, What can I not move? My normal response is, What did you have in mind? To accurately answer your question, I would have to provide you with a laundry list of items, half of which probably wouldn?t pertain to you or your move. It will usually save you some time if you tell me the items you have questions or concerns about.

Here is an overview:

You cannot transport any items that are poisonous, perishable, corrosive or flammable. Cleaning supplies, fuels and bleach are good examples of things people often don?t think about. These items can cause significant damage to your belongings and to our trailers, not to mention theyre extremely flammable.

Can you imagine if you got to your new house and found that your container of bleach had leaked and ruined your sofa? Bad news! Or, imagine the terrible smell that would result from perishable food being in a trailer during the hot summer months ? disgusting!

Keep in mind that you can still move motorcycles, lawnmowers and ATVs, we just ask that you remove the fuel and oil before you load them.

When you think of the words flammable and corrosive, I bet live plants is the first thing that comes to your mind, right? Ok, maybe not. But, live plants are on the Do Not Ship list. Our equipment is designed to be completely enclosed and weather-proof. This doesnt allow for much airflow, so the plants will become overheated in the summer and too cold in the winter, they probably wont make it. Also, by loading something that lives in dirt, you run the risk of exposing the contents of the entire trailer to pests.  Insects like ants, termites and moths might decide to take up residency in your furniture! Most importantly, some states will not allow the transportation of plants across state lines. If youve ever moved into the state of California, youre probably familiar with this.

This probably goes without saying, but Ill say it anyway? no pets or people are allowed in the trailer!

Just remember – when it doubt, leave it out!