U Haul Online Information

If you are a do-it yourself mover searching for reliable moving and storage resources, look no further.

U-Haul, a leading moving equipment and storage rental company in the United States, provides best rental services with a fleet composed of trucks, trailers, and other equipments. With U Haul Online services at www.uhaul.com renting a truck has never been so simple.

Using U Haul online requires you to only have a computer with internet access. However, you need to be 18 or older to the rent the trucks, and your driver’s license needs to be issued by the military, one of the fifty state, D.C., Canadian province or by a foreign country.

First, select “Trucks” in the top menu of the page. You can choose among six truck sizes, which range from 10 feet to 26 feet. Pickups and cargo vans are also available for smaller jobs. Then select your pickup date and pickup location, enter your drop-off location, and then click “Get rates.” Going forward, you’ll get a list of all available trucks. Select a suitably sized truck, and fill in your contact information.

You’ll get a number for your order from U-Haul online, with which you can pick up your truck from a U-Haul location at the time of your choosing. There are over 15,000 U-Haul locations in the United States.

U-Haul’s 26 feet rental truck is 13 percent larger than their nearest competitor’s. The low decks on U-Haul trucks are designed for families to load right from their house, with patented EZ-Load Ramps that are wider, shorter and more rigid than any other ramps in the industry.

Safety comes first at U-Haul. Exclusive Mom’s Attic provides extra storage space above the cab to separate fragile items from the rest of your goods. Specially engineered Gentle-Ride Suspension ensures a smooth ride for delicate possessions, and the insides of UHaul trucks have rub rails on all sides to protect your belongings.