Top 3 Moving Tips

Be Prepared. Carry what you need with you.

Let’s face it…moving has a reputation of being stressful, overwhelming and just plain, well grueling. And sometimes we get so caught up in the process we forget about the important small things.  But, forgetting the small things can turn into a huge inconvenience.

Perfect Examples:

Most parents try to arrive in their new city a little earlier than the moving trailer or moving container arrives, so they can take care of the last minute details, like enrolling their children in school. You might be surprised to know the number of calls we’ve gotten from panicked parents who realized at the last minute that they accidentally packed their childs birth certificate or social security card in their move and you guessed it ? they need it for school enrollment. So what do you do when the moving trailer is still 3 days away? Since the Center of Vital Records takes at least 10 days to send a copy, there arent many options other than waiting for their shipment to arrive.

Another important item Ive heard of people packing in the trailer is medicine. Seems unlikely if you take the medication on a daily basis, but you would be surprised. You don?t want to find yourself in a predicament where you need medication that is traveling cross-country in your trailer. Make sure you have a sufficient supply with you.

And, this one may tug at your heart-strings?I remember one year around Christmas-time, I received a call from an understandably frantic customer who was almost in tears. Without thinking, she packed all of her kids Christmas presents in the  trailer and it wasnt scheduled to arrive until after Christmas. Oh no!  Of course, we understand that sometimes theres not enough room to fit all the Christmas presents in your vehicle, so in a situation like this, it may be better to select a guaranteed  transit service  so that we can guarantee your items to arrive on a specific day.

So, here?s where my moving tips come in:

1. Gather all of your important documents, social security cards, birth certificates, shot records, pet records, etc. and place them in a small container that can travel with you.
2. Take all necessary medications with you. Even if you think you ?might? need them ? take them. Remember, if you are flying you will need to carry the medicine in the bottle you received from the pharmacy.
3. If you are celebrating a birthday, holiday, starting a new job, have a child playing a sport, make sure you bring everything with you that you will need ? like presents, suit/work clothes, uniforms, sporting equipment etc., or choose U-Pack Guaranteed.