The Cost of Moving Across Country

When you begin getting moving quotes, youll find that the cost for moving across country differs by the service?depending on whether its do-it-yourself, you pack, we drive or full service movers.  And that makes sense, considering that the services they provide differ.  You would expect a full-service mover to cost more than a rental truck, right? Regardless of the type of service you choose, there are some standard questions you should ask to determine whether you?re getting the best service for your money?just some good moving advice to avoid surprises and figure out what moving across country really costs.

Top 10 questions to ask when youre inquiring what does moving across country cost:

1. How do you charge? Is the price based on weight, linear footage, cubic footage, number of moving containers?  We recommend unit based pricing based on linear footage or number of moving containers as long as you have a clear indication of what the charge will be for using more or less space than originally quoted. With this type of pricing theres less risk of surprise charges once the moving truck is in transit.
2. How much space/weight is being quoted? A severe weight or space underestimation could mean a much higher moving cost than you expected. These online space estimators serve as a great tool for estimating linear footage. I recommend the Room-by-Room estimator. Just dont forget to include outdoor items or the things in your garage and attic.
3. Are there additional charges?like fuel surcharge, taxes, tips etc.?  Rental truck quotes don?t include fuel and taxes, and some movers may not either.
4. What is the transit time?  Consider that the more time you spend without your belongings, the more “soft costs” you are likely to incur.  These might include hotel stays, eating out, fuel, etc., and can add up quickly. 
5. Will my belongings be transferred or reloaded?  Keep in mind that the more times your belongings are touched, the more likely they are to sustain damage.
6. Will my belongings be co-mingled with other families? Sometimes all that separates your belongings from the other families? belongings is a stick-on label.  What happens if the label falls off?  I recommend services that do not co-mingle shipments. 
7. Do I have to pay a down payment or deposit? If it is required, is it refundable?  Paying before any part of the service is rendered makes some people nervous (including me).  If you choose a company that requires a down payment or deposit, I recommend doing your homework to make sure they don?t walk away with your money before performing the service.
8. When is payment due? Some companies require up-front payment, before the shipment leaves origin. Again, if this is the case, make sure you do your homework to verify the legitimacy of the moving company.
9. What is the cancellation policy?  We suggest avoiding any company who requires payment in full with a cancellation. A $50-$150 cancellation fee isn?t uncommon. 
10. Is the move-out day guaranteed? Believe it or not, some aren?t. You could be given a ?window? of days for the moving truck to arrive to begin loading. For most people, the move-out day needs to be guaranteed.