Rent a Truck

Why Rent a Truck?

If youre trying to save money, you may intuitively think you have to rent a truck.  And the thought of renting a truck may cause concerns that make you dread moving. Am I choosing the correct size rental truck? Can I drive that far in a truck that Im not familiar with? Once I pay for gas, taxes and insurance, how much is it really going to cost to rent a truck?

It may come as no surprise that a long distance move starts to feel much longer when you rent a truck and have to drive hundreds of miles in its compact cab. Add children or pets to that scenario and it?s anything but fun.  And, if in the back of your mind, you worry about the possibility of a break down, leaving you stranded, you may be better off with a service where you dont have to drive. Moving companies provide experienced drivers who take care of moving cross country and safely delivering your belongings to your new destination at a price that compares to truck rental. And, there are no extra charges. The price includes taxes, fuel and the driver.