Rent a Truck Gas Mileage

Gas prices are at some of the highest rates the U.S. has ever seen? So why drive a U-haul truck and be stuck paying the fuel costs in a gas guzzler?

You might think that moving in a rental truck is the cheapest way to move. That’s probably the case if you are┬ámoving across town, but if you’re moving long distance, you may want to reconsider. Why? Because fuel, sales tax and insurance isn’t included in your truck rental quote.

Uhaul Rental Truck Miles Per Gallon

Aside from the fact that many rental trucks shouldn’t be driven over 45 or 55 mph, and that dragging a family across the country in one can become somewhat of an odyssey that you would prefer to forget, they don’t get good gas mileage. Rental truck gas mileage is somewhere around 5-10 mpg depending on the truck and whether you drive 45 or 55 miles per hour.