Rent a Truck Fuel Calculator

Here is our handy rental truck fuel calculator to help you gauge the impact of estimating your fuel cost when trying to determine your moving budget. Considering the current prices at the pump, the true costs of rental truck mileage may come as a total shock to some.

Rental Trucks = Low Fuel Economy

Normally when you think about gas mileage you think about it in relation to your personal vehicle. Most cars have 10-15 gallon gas tanks but get 20-25 (or more) miles per gallon on the highway. Rental trucks on the other hand have much larger gas tanks and much lower fuel economy so you’ll be stopping more often and pumping A LOT more gas!

14 foot rental trucks have 30-40 gallon gas tanks and are advertised to get 11 mpg. The miles per gallon will be even lower depending on how fast you drive, how heavily it is loaded, the terrain you are driving and whether youre driving city or highway miles. Plus, since gas prices vary from city-to-city and day-to-day you may be paying $2.95/gallon one day and $4.14/gallon the next. The numbers get worse when you have a larger home and need a bigger truck. Larger 24 and 26 foot rental trucks get 6-10 miles per gallon and have 50+ gallon gas tanks.

You may also want to consider the fact that you are likely to spend one or two extra nights in a hotel or motel since you can’t cover the same amount of mileage as you could in your car.