Uhaul Car Share

In this world of increased costs and prices, traveling has become a huge nuisance. Gas prices around the globe have risen considerably, leaving car owns to spend troves in petrol/diesel bills alone. At the same time, the number of vehicles on the roads has gone up astronomically. Where 10-15 years back there were 500 cars on your neighborhood roads, now the number has gone way up into the many thousands. So not only do car owners spend more on pricey gasoline, but are also wasting precious time on the roads stuck in jams that can last for hours on end. An intriguing solution has been developed within the last few years, that if properly set-up, can help resolve both these issues considerably. At its core is the idea of sharing – Carpooling or car-sharing.

With Car-sharing individuals gain the benefits of private cars without the costs and responsibilities of ownership and insurance. Instead a household accesses a fleet of vehicles on an as is needed basis. In other words, it may be understood as organized form short-term car rentals. In recent years, it has sprung up in different parts of the world with varying forms of operations and set-ups. Large scale set-ups offer a huge number of rides that cater to a large urban area, whereas smaller ones around offer limited routes and limited number of vehicles for share.

Introducing the Uhaul Car Share Service

Uhaul Car Share is one mid-sized example of how the concept of Car-sharing revolutionizes transport in a particular area. Set-up in Kentucky, it offers perspective clients the opportunity to get the car of their choice for a particular journey within minutes of them logging onto the website. With fees starting from as low as $4.95/hour plus mileage to a maximum of $62/day, the client is guaranteed the lowest possible rates for hiring a car. The customer’s convenience is catered to at all times, and as such there is no need to sign-up for membership or an account before they get hold of a ride. All that is required is a picture of the driver’s license, a picture of the customer, and everything is good to go.

The client makes reservation online, checks through GPS for the nearest Uhaul Car Share car, and submits the requisite information on the website. Once the reservation is made, the system requests the user to send in a picture that he/she can take from their mobile and upload. For security reasons, the picture is verified against what was uploaded (On the driver’s license) at the time of reservation. In no time the confirmation arrives along with a 7 digit code that gives the customer to the nearest Uhaul Car Share car. The customer unlocks the car by entering the access code, get is and is off on his stipulated journey!

Being a business that is for the benefit of the larger community, the car is supposed to be returned to the spot from which it was taken, so that the next perspective client from the particular area can have an easy time of finding it and using it for his/her convenience.


Rent a Truck Fuel Calculator

Here is our handy rental truck fuel calculator to help you gauge the impact of estimating your fuel cost when trying to determine your moving budget. Considering the current prices at the pump, the true costs of rental truck mileage may come as a total shock to some.

Rental Trucks = Low Fuel Economy

Normally when you think about gas mileage you think about it in relation to your personal vehicle. Most cars have 10-15 gallon gas tanks but get 20-25 (or more) miles per gallon on the highway. Rental trucks on the other hand have much larger gas tanks and much lower fuel economy so you’ll be stopping more often and pumping A LOT more gas!

14 foot rental trucks have 30-40 gallon gas tanks and are advertised to get 11 mpg. The miles per gallon will be even lower depending on how fast you drive, how heavily it is loaded, the terrain you are driving and whether youre driving city or highway miles. Plus, since gas prices vary from city-to-city and day-to-day you may be paying $2.95/gallon one day and $4.14/gallon the next. The numbers get worse when you have a larger home and need a bigger truck. Larger 24 and 26 foot rental trucks get 6-10 miles per gallon and have 50+ gallon gas tanks.

You may also want to consider the fact that you are likely to spend one or two extra nights in a hotel or motel since you can’t cover the same amount of mileage as you could in your car.


Moving Tips on How to Rent a Truck

If you plan to rent a truck to move to a new place, it would be a good idea to take note of the following tips before you do so. Renting a truck is not something that you do on a whim because it is expensive and a lot of resources and effort also have to be taken into consideration when doing so.

To rent a truck that will be beneficial to you and your needs, it would be good to research on the different truck rental companies that are available in your area. By doing so, you are able to get a good grasp on which truck rental companies you can possible rent a truck from for your future needs. When shopping for a truck company, do a background check on how it fairs in its customer’s satisfaction. Satisfied clients means that the truck rental company values service and sees to it that it is able to give only the best to its customers.

Ask around from experts or friends if they know of any rental company where you can rent a truck from. They may be able to point you to some of the best truck rental companies in your area. This will save you time and effort in having to look for one on your own. You may even get extra tips from your friends on how to make the process of moving easy

When you already have a list of all the rental companies you think you could rent a truck from, go over it and make a comparison. Do another list of pros and cons if you have to. Check the packages that are being offered to you by the truck rental company before signing up to rent a truck from any of them. Make sure that you go over all the details so that you do not have to be hassled over possible problems that may occur in the future.

To rent a truck requires time and effort as well. It is not something as simple as choosing a restaurant where to eat. Be sure to heed the tips above so that you are able to find the best truck rental company that will be able to provide you and your family the kind of service that you need.