How Much Does a 24 Foot Rental Truck Hold?

24 ft truck rental: how much space am I dealing with?
Using a 24ft truck to move sounds like a reasonable plan, right? Unfortunately, theres one problem: how do you know your belongings will fit? For some, its more than enough room; for others, its not nearly the amount of space needed to safely transport your items cross country. When it comes to deciding between a 24ft truck and other moving services, there are a few details you may want to consider:

What happens if I dont use the whole 24ft truck? Heres the catch with rental trucks: if youre over or under on space, youre out of luck. That means if you dont quite fill the entire 24ft truck with your belongings, youll still pay for that size truck. If youre on the opposite end of the spectrum and need more space, youll likely be forced to leave the things that wont fit behind.

A 24ft truck isnt as large as it sounds. One of the most overlooked details when it comes to planning your move is the actual dimensions of your moving equipment. For instance, did you know that a 24ft truck in the rental world is actually quite a bit smaller than 24ft in a moving trailer? Thats because  trailers are wider and taller than standard rental trucks, a 24ft rental truck is actually comparable to just 19ft in a trailer. The extra width and height means more room for packing your belongings?and less risk of having to leave treasured items behind.

Just what can I expect to fit into a 24ft truck? Because everyone has different things and may pack and load differently, its hard to give an exact amount of items that will fit in a 24ft rental. When you factor in the width and height difference, its even tougher to gauge how much will fit in a rental truck! Estimate that a typical 3-bedroom-plus home can fit into 19ft of a trailer, which may or may not work in the 24ft truck from a rental place. Take the guesswork out of moving by using a trailer that offers a “per-foot” rate if you need less or more space.